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When it comes to educating our staff, not much is more important that continually training on allergy awareness. All of our chef/managers participate in certification-based allergy training through the ServSafe Allergens™ program from the National Restaurant Association and AllerTrain™. All other team members at each unit are trained through AllerTrain™ allergy awareness workshops by our on-staff AllerTrain™ Master Trainer. We educate our managers on best practices to avoid cross contact and show our teams how to identify hidden ingredients in packaged and processed foods; this includes tracking label changes to mitigate the possibility that a manufacturer has randomly altered formulation of a product without notice. Additionally, CTY does not prepare or serve meals which it knows or has reason to believe contain peanuts and/or tree-nuts, and if advised by the school, certain seeds.

Because our chefs prepare menus in advance, we encourage parents and students with allergies/restrictions to review menus ahead of time. Our chefs/managers are always happy to discuss menu selections, recipes and ingredient lists. Also, our Director of Wellness is happy to meet to discuss your child’s allergy(ies) in depth, as well as provide kitchen tours so you and your child(ren) can review product ingredient lists, and protocols in place. Our main goal is for every student to enjoy a safe, tasty meal in any of our school cafes.


We recognize that no two children are the same and when it comes to health and wellness, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Therefore, whether your child is gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, kosher, or requires any other special dietary accommodation, we welcome clear communication so our chefs can address specific needs or concerns.