seasonality | clean ingredients | scratch cooking

First and foremost we believe in sourcing locally and seasonally to highlight the abundance of our region whenever possible. This not only allows for the highest level of food quality, but also the tastiest and most nutritious selections for the students and staff we serve. It also speaks to our conscious sourcing and commitment to sustainability. Additionally, because we change our offerings according to season, our chefs do not employ standardized menus. Instead they rely on availability and their creativity to dictate the best offerings. Here are a few things we won’t compromise on:

  • Menus at each of our independent schools change every day and no two are the same. Like the curriculums and legacies of the schools we serve, our menus and recipes are unique and customized to each locale.

  • Our chefs have the freedom to create meals as long as they adhere to our food philosophy and guidelines:

    • a whole foods, from-scratch approach utilizing peak season produce.

    • minimal ingredients prepared healthfully to keep things simple and nutritious and ensure that we always know what goes into the food we serve.

    • 4 or 6-week cycle menus to bring the best natural flavors to our meals and continually support the changing seasons.

  • Through our relationships with local vendors, sourcing traceability is key. We know where our food comes from and how it is grown and produced, thereby ensuring our schools receive the finest products available.

  • We monitor food trends for inspiration, but also put our own twist on cutting-edge culinary to ensure that themed lunches and action stations are exciting but still child-friendly/approved.